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KeyQuant launches Key Trends 15 Fund Ltd, a Cayman Island domiciled fund

KeyQuant is pleased to announce the launch of its new Cayman Fund, the Key Trends 15 Fund Ltd, which will comply with both the European AIFM directive and the US ERISA regulation for concerning US corporate pension plans.
The Fund employs the same medium to long-term trend following quantitative model behind KeyQuant’s award-winning Key Trends Program, which invests in futures on equities, rates, bonds, currencies, and commodities in 50 liquid, high-volume, open-interest global markets. Raphaël Gelrubin, Co-founding PM, said, “Key Trends 15 will perfectly complete the existing product range of KeyQuant, offering a fund vehicle with a 15% risk target to our principal investor base of European and U.S. investors”. KeyQuant will now be able to satisfy most investor needs with its customized Managed Accounts (with various risk targets), its UCITS Fund (targeting 10% risk and excluding commodities) and its new Cayman fund.
The initial investors of the Key Trends 15 Fund Ltd. are comprised of external capital from pension plan investors and proprietary capital from KeyQuant.