Investment Strategy

KeyQuant's investment management philosophy is based on sound rules with a minimum number of assumptions.

In the world of alternative investments, we specialize in the systematic management of futures contracts via a trend-following approach.

Thanks to a unique "Global Economic Factor" (GEF), Key Trends strategy is able to assess the strength of global economic trends in order to optimize its portfolio exposure.


Futures contracts give investment strategy the following benefits:


Futures contracts are very liquid.


Futures contracts are exchange-listed, ensuring transparency.


Finally, futures contracts are settled via a clearing house, thus mitigating counterparty risk.

Trend Following

Trend-following is based on two assumptions only:

The prices of financial assets include all available information.

There are persistent trends in the prices of financial assets, and those prices will follow a trend over the medium to long term, based on economic cycles.

Systematic Approach

Systematic approach has numerous benefits:

Thanks to powerful algorithms, each investment decision is taken with measured risk. Calculating on an ex-ante basis, risk is monitored on a continuous basis.

Discretionary investment decisions are not made in heat of the moment or during periods of financial market stress. Instead, the discretionary decisions are made in the research process which cover long periods of time, and are done so calmly and without bias.

No hasty reaction on market movements. Systems have been created to manage these events.

Systematic trend following models are valued for their uncorrelated performance and providing a sound basis for investment decisions.